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QAC would like to give credit to Allergy UK for their advice on how to keep your precious floral arrangements clean and to be aware of allergies in the home:

As lovely as they are, artificial flower arrangements unless cleaned regularly and thoroughly can harbour allergens found in the home such as house dust mites, pet allergens and moulds.

The following tips will help reduce allergens building up on your arrangements.

  • Vacuum the dust off your plants regularly, cover the hose of your vacuum with an old pair of tights – this will keep the suction from pulling your plant into the vacuum and damaging it!
  • If the flowers and ferns are plastic then they can be easily washed with water. Sun-drying them after washing will make them as new as when they were bought;
  • For fabric and wood flowers, you can use a duster or vacuum cleaner to remove all the dry dust. Carefully wiping the plant petals with a damp cloth or paper towels will clean them and make them look original;
  • Keep arrangements in bedrooms to a minimum

Queen Angel Creations supplied Allergy UK with a silk flower arrangement which currently takes pride of place in our meeting room. The vibrancy of the design and striking colours make it a real talking point. Silk flower arrangements are a brilliant alternative to real flowers for those that suffer from allergic rhinitis, and QAC have got a great selection of designs to choose from.

Kerry Fletcher – Head of External Relations, Allergy UK