When words fail, let flowers do the talking.

Have you ever lost someone? How did you feel? Why did you feel that way? What did you want to hear? Were there more questions than answers? Do you blame? If yes, who do you blame and why? Do you have any regrets? Are you willing to talk about your grief? If yes, great! If no, that is great too! What would you like to happen next? What action will you take, or did you take?

Do you know someone, who has lost a loved one? when you lose someone, yes we go through a grieving process, some of us stay at each stage for as long as we need too! There are no right and wrong times, it is what works best for you.

two beautiful flower arrangements, one in the colours of the jamaican flag

Yes, there will be a lot of people, with their own opinions on what they, think is best for you and sometimes, to get through the pain, you just go along with what others think is best for you, this may cause, anger, resentment, a sense of vulnerability or it could be just what you need.

Death is final, I believe as you will not see the person in the physical again, however, their spirit will live in and in both people and things, your attention to detail will increase, mundane or strange occurrences may seem as a means of your aid you understanding of the loss or things or events, may seem as a “message” he loved giving people surprises and bringing a smile to people’s face, the circle of life continues too.

The life of Cousin Carl in funeral flowers.

The story of my cousin Carl in flowers, he was born in Jamaica, he lived several years as represented in the white flowers signifying the pages of his life, in the centre fold and the last page represents all the beautiful love and surprises he gave to every one he met. If you look closely you will see the brown soil, green shoots, Carl’s name written in delicate red roses, look closely at the top, there you will see a large red rose and a budding red rose representing the “circle of life” continues.

What would you like to say in flowers ? contact Queen Angel Creations.com for further information. Live, Love, Life, kind regards, QAC xx

beautiful sympathy flowers in the colours of the jamaican flag