Spring is now is here, the season of fresh starts and new beginning is in full Blossom.

Would you love to give a significant other a gift to let them know that you appreciate them? In addition to or as a substitute for chocolate and real flowers, what about a collection that consists of a gift and a personalised card


hand finished flowers that look and feel life-like and real with a personalised card?

Did you know?

QAC Flowers can capture the significance of anything, from ” I Iove you” to “let’s be friends” – the “magical power” of  QAC flowers allows you to say less and these “bespoke flowers speak more!” QAC flowers are British by design with an international flair representing a global universal language.

So what are you waiting for?

Care to share a QAC gift for someone you know who:

  • Needs to smile more
  • Has been made redundant
  • Feels alone
  • Has just moved  house or country
  • Is going into hospital
  • Has or is going though a traumatic time
  • Has just received some good news
  • Has just recieved a life threatening diagnosis.
  • Would appreciate a QAC gift?
  • Is expecting a new baby?
  • Has an anniversary?
  • Has a special event?
  • Needs to get well?
  • Has lost a loved one?
  • Has a birthday?

Thank you for your precious time on the QAC website.

Remember Easter is a time to bring love, wisdom, joy, peace,  hope, wealth,  health and happiness.

Love you QAC xx