Men – how to avoid going to the dog house!

WARNING: This page could save your relationship!

Major problem you currently face:

“I am going to the DOG HOUSE, if I do not get my significant other a meaningful gift – HELP!”
Juliyah – you are the expert bespoke gift maker – I need your help! I have not got a clue what to get!


A custom creation from QAC!

  • How much do you want to spend?
  • When do you need it by?

Some examples:

£40 – Love Story

A Gold book, romantic candles collection and a stunning floral creation gift set.

£50 – I Love you So Much

Exquisite “Talking Flowers” Floral collection with Fairtrade Chocolates. enjoy chocolate bars and tasty notes, naughty good and nice all wrapped up for your tasting orchestra delight!.

£65 – Luxury Aromatherapy Collection

Blend essential oils in your own unique special way and Create your own oils and  creams, PLUS  a “Signature Flower of Hope” and a Candle

£85 – Sheer Luxury  “Pure Genius”

Create your own Fragrance and then shower them with Red Roses, candles and organic chocolate,

£115 – Healthy ME (1)

Prepare your mind and adjust your body, with healthy, natural, nutritional, quality products, that include vitamins, minerals, recipes, PLUS fitness, health and wellbeing plan!

£170 – A Brand New Me (2)

Statement Jewellery, stunning brooches, elegant and sexy hosiery and accessories.

£200 – Ultimate indulgence

Includes a “melting” Spa Pamper  experience, Velvet roses, Serenity candles, Water and earth tonal features, Plus  sensational Chocolates, Create your own Fragrance experience and … Massage now included!

“I would recommend Queen Angel Creations products and services, because of their attention to little details, they listened well to the things my partner loved and I wanted to capture all of that, plus, the gifts also had to include how I felt about my partner too! It was “magic” to see the delight on her face when she opened her gifts, which were the: “Melting Spa Collection” “Organic chocolate delight” “ultra relaxing Serenity candle set”.
Now, these gifts are strategically placed around our home creating a lovely ambiance, the gifts fit in so beautifully to our lifestyle. I would highly recommend Queen Angel Creations as a truly bespoke making gift service with a personal touch which really is so genuine and heartfelt. For all men reading this, Juliyah, can really help create a very special, loving, personal gift for your significant other or loved ones.”

Thank you.”

Mark Christopher – it’seeze consultant

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