So you have a business idea, now what?

Start attending business networking events, make good use of  researching  what your local council offers  by way of support for small businesses. Optimise your contacts, friends, family and colleagues, get really, really ‘hungry’ to make a positive change in your life!    Internationally renowned motivational speaker  and so much more,  Les Brown, states ‘You gotta be hungry’ Queen Angel Creations would highly recommend your watch his videos and read his books. OK!

Other ways to get notice is to enter entrepreneurial competitions,   attending events with reference to your sector initially and then looking to visiting other industry sectors for inspiration and possible collaboration  and then one day you come across a journalist who is interested in what you do, what do you do next?

Firstly, consider how your could pose questions to attract qualifying prospects, e.g.

Do you anyone who?
When was the last time you….?
Do you know some who?

Queen Angel Creations’ responses was

Do you know anyone who loves Surprises?
When was the last time you bought a meaningful unique gift?
Do you know someone who loves Flowers?

Then answer your question and promote your products or services!

If yes, Queen Angel  Creations is here to serve you.

What is your Start up Company name:
Queen Angel Creations  ( QAC).

What makes you different?

QAC, makes hand made bespoke Floral arrangements for any occasion with: Aspirational, Inspirational and motivational messages to encourage and uplift the recipient.

People love our creations as we exceed expectations. All creations are made from a place of love, health and well being – see our testimonials.

What do you do?

We create unique gifts such as our “baby cakes” these are cakes, you do not eat you use! The ” ingredients” are  functional and  practical, for mum, dad, baby and your beautiful  home! It is an amazing starter kit!

What tips would you care to share?

Queen Angel Creations has 8 Hot tips to on:  Getting started, maintaining momentum and growth
1.Follow your hearts desire
2.Be the best you can be
3.Overstand there will always be naysayers, dream catchers and dream stealers and some  “friends”  and family can become enemies  out of envy and jealousy, however,  do not be deterred, stay: positive, focus, wish them well and stay  true to “your” dream(s).
4.Live out “your life,” set “your” standard.
5.Read, Watch, Listen  to your role models and experts in your field, take what you like and need in order to  create a better “you”
6.Go on courses and  forums and attend events, however, do not be a course junkie! Be selective and go with  questions and goals  to find your answers or solutions.
7.Think about how your product or service could complement  another business in order to manifest collaborative referrals, increase market share, add to your portolio new business  and increase profitability.
8. Do not live a life of regrets, e.g, If only..I could have… I should have..I would have…
Q ueen Angel Creations, suggests you Live, Love, Life Now, go make a difference  in this world, live out your destiny.

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Thank you for your time,  we wish you all the best in living out your dreams.

You can see the published article at this link

The article also gave rise for Queen Angel Creations being promoted in Barclay’s Bank Wembley High Road and being supported by  Steve Day, Community Banking Director & Tony Whitcombe, Regional Manager, for more details

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