What are silk flowers?

The term ‘silk flowers’  actually refers to artificial flowers made from a silk-like material, most of which will be synthetic. However, QAC flowers have a distinct ‘real life appearance’ and they ‘feel real to touch’. Almost all of our flowers and plants have leaves and petals made of synthetic fabrics, and stems or branches made from plastics (often with wiring inside).

What are the benefits of  QAC silk/artificial flowers compared to real flowers?

  • QAC flowers saves you time and money!! How??
  • Unlike real flowers that last a day, week or at the most a couple of months, QAC  create quality silk flowers  which are delicate and longer lasting.
  • QAC silk/artificial flowers take quite some time to gradually fade, and they are not effected by sunlight or room temperature.
  • There are no pollen in QAC flowers, therefore, hayfever sufferers can enjoy the beauty of flowers with no side effects!!
  • QAC flowers do not wilt or mould
  • QAC flowers do not require watering or positioning, there are no bugs, nor insects that take residence in and on the floral arrangements!!
  • QAC flowers, unlike fresh flowers are in season all year round!!
  • QAC Bridal flowers are easy to carry outside the UK and are not usually restricted to border controls unlike fresh flowers and plants
  • QAC funeral tributes of: Freesias,  Forget-me-not, poppies and roses are available any season, of which QAC silk flowers offers  sincere consideration and comfort for the grieving parties.
  • QAC Festive Flowers, are  practical and decorative and can be taken out year after year. The beautiful elegance of QAC flowers enables you to reuse and rearrange a new design year in year out, why not unleash your creative genius!!

 Why should I buy from QAC?

QAC appreciates that you have a choice where you would like to purchase your flowers and gifts we welcome you custom, we offer  the following benefits:

  • A bespoke service –  QAC Design team offer full support  to tailor make your vision into to a reality
  • Simple Returns policy with Full support if (on rare occasion) something goes wrong
  • A Wide range of products- we regularly review, update and create new lines
  • QAC silk flowers, unlike fresh flowers are in season all year round!
  • Clear description of products –  Each product has a name with a story behind it to help you decide if that product suits your need and purpose.
  • Our products shown from different angles to help you with the look and feel to give you a 360 degree perspective.
  • Easy and secure payment using PayPal™
  • Beautiful  quality hand finished floral arrangements and gifts at great prices
  • All deliveries professionally packaged with cardboard boxing (some other suppliers use plastic bags)
  • Order notification email
  • Great response time to all queries
  • We invite our customers to share

What kind of products do you sell?

We sell artificial/ silk floral and artificial/ silk plants/foliage (greenery). All QAC floral arrangements INCLUDE beautiful vases. QAC, offers  unique gifts for special occasions, so from birth to death we have something for you.

Can I  really use QAC flowers for weddings, funerals,  gifts, e.g in hospitals?

Yes, QAC flowers can be used in place of real flowers, our flowers look so realistic, are gifts come with both personalised and blank cards, so if you are ‘struck for words to mark the occasion, (e.g  Anniversaries, Birthdays,  celebrations, Ceremonies,  Christmas,  Easter, Father’s & Mother’s Day, New Years Day and whatever occasion you choose to make an event) QAC design team can create something special for you too!!


QAC flowers they are welcomed in many hospitals, however, we do advise that you check with the hospitals first to check that they are willing to accept silk/artificial flowers

Weddings (Coming soon)

Bridal party

QAC completely understands the stress for perfection on your perfect day, however, did you know that QAC   will be offering bouquets,   buttonholes,   corsages,  headdresses, these can be created very well in advance of the day, they will be stored in a beautiful presentation boxes and be opened and used on the day, where they will l look impeccable on the day .

Wedding venue and the church (Coming soon)

QAC will be arranging  flowers to decorate the church/places of worship

Wedding Venues/Reception (Coming soon)

QAC  offers  elegant and stunning  bespoke artificial and silk floral arrangements  and unique table setting for:  Centrepieces,  floor design, guest tables and side tables . QAC  flowers and floral arrangements are ideal  and colourful  whatever the season.

Who can buy from QAC?

Anyone over 18 years old can buy from QAC, so QAC welcomes individuals, event organisers, schools, educational & Training and businesses to purchase a gift to make a difference in the life of someone.  Love QAC xx

Is there a minimum order at QAC?


Do QAC offer customised products?

Yes. A number of our products have customisation options that can be selected during checkout. For all other products, we will always endeavour to customise any product on request, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can I call QAC to discuss my requirements in more detail?

Yes,  Certainly, At QAC we love to help you.

Do I need to arrange the flowers myself?

No, All creations are delivered as shown in the photos, meaning, our creations are complete and ready made, QAC would like to make you life easier by delivering your flowers or gifts all wrapped and packaged, we will even add a small card too!! all you have to do, is simply ADD your comments/sentiments on the card to express your attitude of  gratitude to the recipient!!

However, please note, there maybe  some arranging  necessary to compensate for small deformations that inevitably occur during transport, you will certainly not be required to assemble the floral arrangements yourselves.

Are QAC photos colour-accurate?

We always endeavour to ensure that the images you see on our website are as representative of the finished product as possible. However, you should not rely on the photos alone to decide on the colour if an exact colour shade is essential to your requirements. Since not all screens display colours in the same way, please contact us if you need to compare the colour shades of different products.

Can I choose a particular colour to add to my gift?

Yes. A number of our products have customisation options that can be selected during checkout. For all other products, we will always endeavour to customise any product on request, so please contact us to discuss your requirements. On the checkout page, you will find a customer notes section where you can include any specific instructions for us.

However, please note some of our flowers  and vases are in high demand and  therefore on occasion  that  particular item and colour you selected may not  be currently available,  however, we will carry out our best endeavours to get a close match.

Do QAC offer free Delivery?

Yes, in selected areas. We are currently offering  free local delivery in Brent, and some parts of Harrow and Barnet. The full list of current free delivery postcodes is shown below. If your delivery address falls into one of these postcode areas, our system will automatically offer free local delivery on checkout. A signature is required to leave gifts at designated area, if there is no one to sign for the gifts then you will required to paid for postal delivery and an additional charge of £5 for loss of productive time will be required before  it is re-delivered.

Please note these items will be in a display presentation format box and not a double layer protection set.

Free delivery postcodes: HA0, HA1, HA2, HA3, HA8, HA9, NW12 7**, N3 1**, NW11 9**, NW2 1**, NW4 1** to NW4 4**, NW4 9**, NW7 0** to NW7 4**, NW9 0**, NW9 1**, NW9 5** to NW9 9**.

Please note, our free delivery postcode areas are subject to change. Your delivery amount (if any) will always be confirmed to you before your order is placed.

Do QAC offer postal delivery?

Yes,  Postal delivery is up to 14 days,  however, in most cases your gifts will be with you in 2 working days  and in rare cases up to 30 days.

What are your delivery charges?

Small items: £7.99 and  Large items: £12.99. The delivery charge will be shown clearly before you complete your checkout on the website.

Aren’t QAC’s delivery charges a little expensive?

We do not think so, as we are providing a double layer protection of your gifts, and please remember these are bespoke gifts.  Moreover the inner box can be used as a presentation box, so if you wish you can leave and display the gift in the box or you can take it out of the box and allow the true beauty of your gift to be on display!! The choice is yours!

How do I remove an item from my shopping basket?

On the  Checkout page just  either click the  ‘cross’  next to the image, or reduce the amount to ‘0’ by selecting the quantity of the item  you  wish to remove.
If you need to remove multiple items at once you can also set their quantities to zero (0) and  the system will automatically update your shopping cart amount and value.

What payment methods do you accept?

Online payments are made via PayPal™ – you may use most debit or credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and various others. Payments are processed securely using PayPal™’s systems, and no credit/debit card details are taken by, or stored on, QAC systems. You do not need to have an existing PayPal™ account to make a card payment via PayPal™.

If you cannot make an online payment then we also accept payment via cheque or electronic bank transfer (BACS). Please note that we will require cleared funds before items are created or shipped, which may incur a small delay compared to PayPal™ payments.

Any other questions?

Please just contact usAt QAC we love to help you.