Choosing your Queen Angel Creation

All Queen Angel Creations are hand crafted, with love and attention, by Juliyah – our own Queen Angel – but how you choose your own personal creation is up to you! We hope you’ve already seen something you like in our collection of popular gifts – if so, we’d love to create one of them especially for you. You can order directly from the website, and we’ll begin your creation straight away.

We also love creating something entirely unique just for you – so if you’ve got something in mind, or would like a variation on one of our existing creations, you can just drop us a line and tell us what you’re looking for.

Option 1
Choose an existing creation

  • Step 1: Browse our collection of popular creations
  • Step 2: Add the item to your online basket, and pay securely with PayPal™
  • Step 3: We’ll start your creation straight away, and deliver it by your chosen method when it’s ready!

Option 2
Create something unique!

  • Step 1: Looking for inspiration? Browse our product gallery
  • Step 2: Enter a few details on our online form
  • Step 3: We’ll contact you directly – by phone or email, your choice – to discuss what we can create for you, for the perfect unique gift!