Welcome to Queen Angel Creations – QAC for short. Thank you for landing on this page – I am Juliyah Brown, a lady with a big heart and smile, who would love to share my creative gifts with you.

My products are all hand finished, so they really are unique. Over time, I’ve developed a number of product ranges, from beautiful silk flower arrangements and centre-pieces, to baby gifts and table decorations.

1.    Are you someone who would like to make a difference to your family, friends and colleagues?

2.    Are you are looking for unique gifts to give to your loved ones?

3.    Are you tired of just giving someone a bunch of flowers for their special occasion?

4.    Would you like to give them flowers that will not wilt, mould or fade, and are hayfever friendly and not affected by sunlight? They don’t even need water to thrive!

5.    Want to know more?

If you answered YES, to any of the above, then come and see our popular creations or take a look at our gallery, and experience the difference of expressing your thoughts and feelings through flowers and bespoke gifts. Love QAC xx